mIRC installation instruction.

Stage 1. Downloading the program.

Type http://www.mirc.com in the address field of your favorite browser. You will see mIRC site. Click "Download mIRC" button as shown below:

You will be redirected to the page where you must click "Download mIRC" too.

On the next page click "Download now".

Right after you clicked the button starts the program downloading. If your browser asks you where to save the program, define a place on your HDD that you can easily find later, "Desktop" for example. If you have never set up the downloading in your browser settings and the browser starts downloading immidiately, the program most likely be saved in "My documents/Downloads".

Stage 2. Installing mIRC.

So the program is downloaded, find it and run.

Just follow the pictures. Click proper buttons and set the checkboxes as shown below:

I installed the program on Windows 7 64bit, the regular folder for installing programs here is "C:\Program Files(x86)". For Windows 7 32bit, XP 32bit the folder is "C:\Program Files". But you can install the program to any folder whatever you like.

The program is installed and started. Lets proceed to the settings.

Stage 3. Settings.

The first time you start, the settings window is shown. In the "Nickname" field type your preferred nickname. In the "Alternative" field you must type your alternative nickname as your favorite nickname may be in use by another user. The IRC network requires nicknames to be unique. The nickname may start with characters other than a letter, the first symbol could be "[" or "-" or "_" for example.

Click "Servers" in "Category" field on the left side of the window. Find "Quakenet" and double click on that folder.

The folder "Qaukenet" opens for choosing a server. You can choose any from the list, I prefer "Random UK server", but this is my personal liking. After you have chosen a server click "Select" button on ther right.

Click "Connect" in the "Category" field for inspecting your settings. The fields "Nickname" and "Alternative" must contain your nickname and alternative nickname. The server must be set to "Quakenet: Random UK server". Next in "Category" click "Options". Set the checkbox "Connect on startup" for connecting the network right after mIRC starts. Uncheck "Show connect on startup" for the "Settings" window isn't shown every time you start mIRC.

Here we could finish with the program settings, but there are some more good and useful functions. Click "Identd" and set the checkbox "Enable Identd server". No need to fill in "User ID". In "Category/Options" set the checkbox "Channel" in "Flash on message" group. Now, if there is a message on the channel, mIRC button on the taskbar or its icon in the tray will flash when the program window is minimized.

In "Category/IRC" click on "Messages". Set the checkbox "Timestamp events". This option will allow you to see the time of every event on the channel. And you can add ":ss" to the time template as shown on the picture. Timestamps will be shown with seconds.

Now "Category/Sounds". Set the checkbox "Enable sounds". Also set the checkbox "Channel" in group the "Beep on message:".

Next click the button "No Sound", it will change to "Beep". A simple sound will be played on every event on the channel. If you now click the button "Beep" then the window will open suggesting you to choose the sound file to be played instead of simple beep. I would advise you to set this option to simple "Beep". Set "1" in "Beeps" field in the group "Event beep". This value determines the number of "beeps" you will hear. You can set any value you like but 1 is quite enough.

OK. The basic settings are finished. Click "Connect" in "Category" then click big button "Connect".

Stage 4. Connecting the network, joining the channel.

After you have clicked "Connect" in some seconds you will be connected to the network and the server that you chose above. When it happens "mIRC Favorites" window will open suggesting you to choose a channel to join. In the field "Enter a channel name and click join" type the channel name. In our case the name is #ubernet.co.uk. A little note. In IRC any channel name must begin with "#". Now when you click "Join" button you will join "#ubernet.co.uk" channel. BUT WAIT A LITTLE!!! If you do some more simple settings you will make your mIRC automatically join the channel that you chose when mIRC starts and you wont need to type the channel name manualy next time you start mIRC.

So. Unset "Pop up favorites on connect" and this window wont ever open after connecting. Click the button "Add". "Add channel" will open for adding the channel to favorites. In the field "Channel" type "#ubernet.co.uk". Also set the checkbox "Join on connect". This setting lets you to join a channel right after the connection is set.

Click the button "Add" in the left bottom, just below "All networks". In the new window "Networks" find "Quakenet", click on it then click "OK".

We are back in "Add Channel" window. Check your settings. The field "Channel" must contain "#ubernet.co.uk", the checkbox "Join on connect" must be set, and there must be "Quakenet" in "Networks". If everything is right click "OK". In "mIRC Favorites" there must appear "#ubernet.co.uk". Click on it then click "OK". Now all the settings are finished. And the next time you start mIRC it will automatically connect to "Quakenet" and join "#ubernet.co.uk".

That's all. After you click "Join" you will join "#ubernet.co.uk" channel.

For a start you can try to say "hello". Type "hello :)" in the input text field then press "Enter" key.

Sometimes shit happens :) Have fun gayz!:)